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Funeral Directors: One of the Most Important Jobs October 3, 2018

Samuel A. “Sam” LangeFuneral Directors are often misunderstood. Perhaps it is because their careers are so challenged filled and emotionally taxing. It could be because many of us couldn’t see us performing the duties involved in this respected profession. Funeral Directors perform significant work and serve a critical role in extremely difficult times.

While the duties of a Funeral Director have their own challenges, it is also a job without formal hours, and work can often be non-stop. This can add stress on the person and family. Funeral Directors are called upon to comfort sons and daughters and mothers and fathers. They help families through tragic accidents and after lengthy illnesses. It can be often forgotten that they have their own problems and tragedies to live through. Their very own emotions must frequently take a secondary role to the careers they have committed to.

Funeral Directors often take prominent roles in their communities. They do what they can to volunteer to help their communities grow and thrive. Many are carrying the banners of family-owned businesses that have been involved in their communities for generations. Many, in fact, are reluctant to call them businesses when they are to them, more of a calling.

Changes in modern final services continue to challenge funeral directors. Technology is challenging the industry as many others. Families are choosing to stream final services. There are social media implications and online memorials to consider. Green funerals have grown in popularity as have cremations and celebrations of life. Now, 3-D printing is bringing about new levels of personalization.

Through it all, Funeral Directors are there. Maintaining traditions while helping families create final services to suit their specific needs. Their greatest service is perhaps helping the inconsolable through difficult, often unfamiliar times.

It is with that thought we would like to recognize Samuel A. “Sam” Lange, Managing Funeral Director and Embalmer. Sam is a native to the Northern Kentucky Area, growing up in Ft. Wright, KY. Sam is a 2014 graduate of Holy Cross High School in Covington, KY and is a 2016 graduate of Mid-America College of Funeral Service in Jeffersonville, IN. He is licensed as a Funeral Director and Embalmer in the state of Kentucky.

Sam and his wife Erin reside in Ludlow, Kentucky and both attended St. Agnes Church in Ft. Wright. Sam is a Certified Crematory Operator/Arranger through the ICCFA. Sam is very involved in his community as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family, friends, and his golden retriever Sasha.

At The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, we appreciate all of those who are involved in the task of helping families in Northern Kentucky. Every day they are providing meaningful service, and their efforts are deeply appreciated.

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