Offering Comprehensive Cremation Services

Our goal is to preserve the memory of your loved one through a caring, respectful cremation. Many people do not realize that cremation only replaces the actual burial. All other aspects of a traditional funeral are available with cremation including a memorial service, a video tribute, urns, flowers, keepsake jewelry, gifts and personalization.

The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky’s cremation process guarantees that the ashes you receive are those of your loved one. Once we bring your loved one back to our facility, they never leave our care. By having our own on-site crematory, we have total control of the procedures providing you with the complete confidence that we will deliver the proper remains to you.

Black and Gold Urn

In-Home Cremation Arrangements

We want to go the extra mile to make planning your cremation services as easy as possible....

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Cremation Pre-Planning

Making decisions when you are under duress does not produce the best results. So, planning your cremation services now when you are relaxed and at peace is the best time to take care of these delicate matters....

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Pet Cremation Services

We understand that your pet is part of the family and deserves the same care and respect as a human companion....

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