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Cremation Pre-Planning

Now Is the Time to Plan Your Service

Making decisions when you are under duress does not produce the best results. So, planning your cremation services now when you are relaxed and at peace is the best time to take care of these delicate matters. Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky’s professional staff will work with you to arrange all the details of the cremation, so when the time comes your family can concentrate on honoring your passing.

We guide you through each step of the process including a checklist to assure all arrangements have been made. Advance payment options are also covered along with making sure your affairs are in order, including a permanent record that outlines your selections in writing.

Pre-planning offers many other advantages. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to pay at the time of your loved one’s passing because everything is taken care of in advance. You know your funds are guaranteed and secure. You have all your critical data on file which makes is easier for your survivors to recall important details. And finally, by taking advantage of the Medicaid guidelines and having the spend-down placed in an irrevocable trust, you protect your funds.

Call us now to begin planning your cremation services.

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