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Common Storage Options for Cremation Ashes April 14, 2022

One of the reasons cremations have grown in popularity is the versatility and flexibility cremation offers. This even extends to the options for storage of the ashes or cremains. Once a body is cremated, there are multiple choices a family has for the final disposition of the cremation ashes.


These are structures designed to store the remains of the deceased. While a mausoleum is usually a freestanding structure, a columbarium may be a separate room or part of another structure like a church. Cremains are usually kept inside these areas in urns chosen by the family. In some cases, they could be accompanied by photos or other mementos of the deceased.

Cemetery Plot

Some don’t realize that cremated remains, like traditional burials, can be placed in a cemetery plot. In fact, they can be placed in a regular cemetery plot or what is referred to as a cremation plot. This still provides the family with a more traditional site to visit following the death and cremation of a loved one.

Cremation Memorial

Another popular choice for the storage of cremains is a cremation memorial, usually placed at a cemetery. These memories contain a repository for the ashes and may be in the form of a bench, rock, headstone, or other items. These memorials can be customized with names, dates, and images.


In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to take a small amount of cremains and create beautiful mementos in homage to a loved one in the form of jewelry. In some cases, the cremains is actually used to create the jewelry, or jewelry may be created to actually contain a small amount of ashes. Because small amounts of cremation ashes are used, creating several pieces for multiple loved ones and family members is possible.

Traditional Urns

Urns are still very popular to keep cremated ashes and the choices have expanded to include materials like metals and woods. Urns don’t have to be in the form of traditional vases. They can be created to be placed on desks and even with clocks and other custom touches. Although more expensive, urns can be customized for just about anyone.

Spreading Ashes

There is something almost romantic about the thought of ashes being spread in a place of significance to a deceased loved one when they were alive. One needs to be cautious, however, about where ashes are spread, especially on private property. Appropriate research should be done to make sure where ashes are being spread is legal and/or done with the permission of the property owner.

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