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Funeral Planning

Preparing Friends & Family for Your Death

Intellectually, we know it is inevitable, yet death still has a way of surprising and stunning us. Even when it may be somewhat anticipated through age or illness, it can still impact us at our core. While death’s impact may be unavoidable, preparing for it can help ease some of…...

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Traditional Funerals and the Healing Process

At the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, we have been answering questions from grieving families in Northern Kentucky for generations. Over the years, many of these questions have changed. Now, we get more questions regarding cremations and “celebrations of life.” Some questions, however, have remained similar or the same. One…...

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Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation

In spite of the fact that cremation is now the most popular form of final services, many still have questions about the process. Here are questions and answers to some most frequently asked questions regrading cremation. What is the primary difference between cremation and a traditional burial? The most significant…...

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Five Ways to Personalize a Memorial Service

One of the best ways to make a memorial service memorable is to personalize the service. There are a variety of loving, creative, and thoughtful ways this can be done – all of which take a little planning and execution. With the help of friends, family and loved ones, you…...

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The How To’s of a Visitation

There is no question that funerals are less formal today than even just a decade ago. This change, however, has not been as a result of changes in the funeral industry, but by the very people it serves. Families and those preplanning their final services have requested less dark and…...

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