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Preparing Friends & Family for Your Death June 13, 2024

Intellectually, we know it is inevitable, yet death still has a way of surprising and stunning us. Even when it may be somewhat anticipated through age or illness, it can still impact us at our core.

While death’s impact may be unavoidable, preparing for it can help ease some of the stress, pain, and grief.

How can you better prepare yourself and your loved ones for your death? It can start with planning.

Situations That May Prompt Pre-Planning

There are many situations that may elevate the importance of pre-planning. They could include the death of a spouse or sibling. There could be a dramatic health diagnosis or perhaps just experiencing a significant birthday. These may all contribute to the importance of preplanning and, in some cases, preparing friends and family for your death.

Why Preparing Can Be Important

Preparing for your death can relieve some of the weight off the shoulders of those left behind. It can also give you peace of mind knowing your wishes will be attended to. In instances where preparation is prompted by illness, it can also provide some comfort in the acknowledgment of the situation. Planning can help ease a complicated grieving process.

Final Services

Planning your final services starts with deciding how you want your remains handled. Would you prefer a traditional service and burial? Should there be a celebration of life? Would you prefer a cremation? If you were to be cremated, how would you prefer your cremains be handled?
You can then choose to get as detailed as you may be comfortable with. Do you want visitation hours, a church service, or your favorite songs played? It all starts with determining how you want your remains taken care of.


Preparing for your death also involves preparing for the eventual legal issues that may arise. Do you have a will or a trust set up? Who will be the executor of your estate? Gather financial, military, legal, and insurance paperwork and make sure key people are aware of their location.
A trusted person should be aware of your plans and have access to important digital accounts.

Discuss It to Your Comfort Level

As you proceed through your plans you may want to let those closest to you know what is going on, and what is guiding your choices. These can be difficult discussions. They also may be loving and rewarding. The bottom line is that they will benefit both of you.

Pre-Planning Funeral Assistance in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky has been serving families in the Northern Kentucky areas for generations. From simple, respectful services to elaborate celebrations of life, we can facilitate it all.
We have multiple convenient locations and operate the only private crematorium in the Greater Cincinnati area. Whether your need is urgent or if you are preplanning, we are here to help. Reach out to us today.

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