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Why Cremations Are Rising in Popularity October 13, 2022

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You may have heard that cremations are rising in popularity. This is not a new trend, however. Cremations have become the choice of more families and those who have been preplanning their own funerals for generations. But what is behind the continued rise in the popularity of cremations? There are several main factors.

Growing Acceptance

There was a time, not too long ago, when some of the world’s religions frowned upon cremation. As the world has progressed, and views have become more enlightened, cremation has become more acceptable and even embraced.

Lower Cost

Cremations tend to cost less than a traditional final service and burial. For budget-conscious families or those who simply are uncomfortable with overspending on a funeral, this can be a compelling reason to choose cremation.

Environmental Concerns

Many choose cremation because they feel it is a more environmentally responsible choice. With a cremation, no chemical embalming fluids are used, there isn’t a concrete vault necessary, and a burial plot is optional.

More Flexibility

Families are discovering that cremation allows for much more flexibility when planning final services. They are also discovering that some elements of a traditional funeral, like a viewing, can still be included. Cremations are proving to be a good choice for the increasing number of widespread families.

Portability of Cremains

While the ashes of a loved one could be scattered or buried, many families keep them in decorative urns in the home. Additionally, the cremains can be used to make jewelry or tattoo ink.

It Can Be Easier to Pre-Plan

For some, they feel that cremation is more straightforward and simpler to plan. That makes it an excellent choice for those preplanning their own final services.

Another reason that people are choosing cremation over traditional burial is that some people are just uncomfortable with the thought of a traditional burial. That is why cremation is often the choice for those who are preplanning their own funeral services.

Today, cremations have exceeded traditional burials as the most popular form of final service, yet many still have questions. If you have any questions or concerns about cremation, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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