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Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Cremation October 10, 2023

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In spite of the fact that cremation is now the most popular form of final services, many still have questions about the process. Here are questions and answers to some most frequently asked questions regrading cremation.

What is the primary difference between cremation and a traditional burial?

The most significant difference is how the bodies are treated and disposed of after death. In a traditional burial, the body is embalmed and has an earth burial. In essence, an effort is made to preserve the body. With a cremation, the body is cremated in a special furnace at high temperatures. The ashes are treated and returned to the family for final disposal.

What are the major reasons people choose cremation?

Perhaps the biggest reason people choose cremation over traditional burial is that it is more cost-effective. This can be especially important for those preplanning their own final services and would like to minimize expense. Other significant reasons include that it is more environmentally friendly, provides more flexibility in planning final services, and saves on land use.

What is the most inexpensive form of cremation?

The least expensive form of cremation is Direct Cremation. This is when a body is taken to a crematorium, cremated, and the ashes are returned directly to the family. This avoids any costs associated with final services, and the family can determine how ashes are stored, saved, or otherwise disposed of.

Can a cremation be witnessed?

In certain instances, yes. We own and operate the only privately owned crematory in Greater Cincinnati. This allows us to allow families to view a cremation when requested or when witnessing a cremation, which may be part of the family’s religious beliefs.

What are other benefits of cremation with the Northern Kentucky Cremation Society?

Our services are provided by Fares J. Radel, who has over 125 years of experience serving the families of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. We offer several funeral homes throughout the area, including our modern crematory. With Fares J. Radel, your loved one stays with our caring team through the entire process. This ensures the cremains you receive are from your loved one, as they never leave our care.

Can you help with preplanning?

Absolutely. We will answer your questions and are willing to assist you when preplanning a cremation. We can even come to your home, should you prefer.

The national percentage of cremations reached 59% in 2022 and is expected to reach 65% by 2027. See why cremations continue to gain in popularity. Reach out to the Northern Kentucky Cremation Society family for cremation assistance today.

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