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The Importance of Grief Counseling January 18, 2024

Some who experience grief try to do it on their own. They may even view counseling or asking for help as a sign of weakness. Intellectually, we understand the value of support and reaching out, but for many, it can still be a challenge. If you or someone you know is experiencing grief, it can help to understand why grief counseling is important.

What Makes Grief Counseling Valuable

The first thing to understand is that, when embraced, grief counseling can be very effective. It works. Understanding this can help to appreciate the functions of grief counseling.

1. It Helps with Acceptance

One of the barriers to healing is acceptance of a loss. Some may feel disconnected or even numb following the death of a loved one. Grief counseling can help begin the acceptance process.

2. Processing the Trauma of Death

Death, especially when sudden and unexpected, can be traumatic. Counseling can help someone who is grieving understand that they are not alone. Others have and will continue to experience it. They also can successfully work their way through it.

3. Emotional Management

Grief counseling is not about eliminating or erasing sadness. It is more about managing and coping with the range of emotions that can accompany it. Sadness is understandable. Wild emotional
swings can become manageable.

4. Adjusting to Changes

Grief counseling can help grieving individuals adjust to the inevitable changes in life that lie ahead. Counseling helps in discussing these changes as they occur and addressing them one at a time. Change can seem overwhelming, but counseling puts it into manageable compartments.

5. Staying Connected

Grief counseling can help stress the importance of staying connected with memories, friends, and family. Going through grief alone can only add to the challenges for a grieving person.

6. Complicated Grief

Complicated grief is an intense sense of mourning that can be deep and seemingly unending. Some can appear to be “stuck” in complicated grief and unable to move on their own. Grief counseling is particularly critical for those experiencing complicated grief. This form of grief can be felt more frequently after an unusual death, suicide, death from a drug overdose, or when relationships are particularly deep.

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