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Five Unique Ways to Use Cremated Ashes October 16, 2019

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As more and more people have embraced cremation, families continue to seek unique ways to memorialize those who have passed on. Initially, cremains were frequently buried, much like following a traditional funeral. Then families began spreading ashes in a location or locations of meaning to the deceased. More recently, small amounts of ashes have been used to create beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry. Cremains are used to create rings, necklaces and bracelets and even fillable lockets that can contain ashes and worn as jewelry.

We continue to see even more creative ways to use cremated ashes. Here are five even more unique options.

1. Memorial Fireworks

It is now possible to have the ashes of a loved one mixed in to create beautiful and dazzling fireworks displays. Even favorite colors of the deceased can be chosen to light up the sky in a stunning memorial. While this is something that would have been unheard of a decade ago, it is now becoming an increasingly popular option.

2. Solace Stones

Ashes can now be placed in Solace Stones that then become part of an artificial reef. This unique option provides the families with a feeling of having a final resting place that one may not get from scattering ashes at sea.

3. A Memorial Tree

With families become more environmentally aware, more are considering green options when discussing final services. While cremation is thought of as more environmentally-friendly process overall, some are taking it a step further. Ashes can be placed in a biodegradable urn buried with a sapling. The goal is to have the small tree grow into a living memorial that will last generations.

4. Custom Tattoos

It is possible to have a small portion of cremains turned into custom ink that can be used in creating a tattoo. The tattoo may recognize the persona by name or initials in a tattoo or other symbol of how the person lived their life. It is an interesting and permanent tribute to a loved one.

5. Launched Into Space

There are already a variety of options for having the ashes of a loved one launched into space or into near space. Ashes can be sent hurtling passed the moon or into orbit where they may re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere as a “shooting star” someday. This is an interesting choice for those with a keen interest in space or science fiction.

Many choose cremation as an option because it is often a simple and affordable choice. That doesn’t mean it can’t have very creative elements to it. Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to urns, jewelry and other ways to use cremains. At the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, we can assist you in choosing a respectful and personalized service that can be very meaningful. We invite you to contact us when pre-planning your final services or in a time of need.

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