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Benefits of Choosing Cremation Over Burial August 14, 2019

In case you haven’t noticed, cremation has become mainstream. Here in the Midwest, on average about 50% of all final services include cremation. In some areas, like the extreme Northeast and Far Western United States, cremations now account for over 70% of burials. There are many reasons contributing to this rise in popularity of cremations but what exactly has happened in the last several decades to make cremations so accepted?

Acceptance by Major Religions

Previous generations experienced resistance by major religions to accept cremations. That reluctance has been lessened and today, most major religions embrace cremation, making it much more popular. Since religion plays such an important role in funerals, this has been significant.

Still Provides the Option of a Burial

Cremation provides multiple options for the disposal of cremains including traditional burial. If a family still desires a burial, that request can still be honored through cremation. On the other hand, it also provides more options including the spreading of ashes, keeping the ashes with a family member or members, or even having some cremains used in the creation of meaningful keepsakes like jewelry.

Considered a Greener Alternative

Many consider cremation a “greener” alternative. Cremation doesn’t involve the use of natural resources or the transportation needed for caskets or large and heavy cement vaults. Even when a burial is chosen it uses minimal green space.

Facilitates the Movement of Remains of a Loved One if a Family Moves

One of the factors families consider when choosing cremation is that if they were to move out of the area and cremains are kept in an urn, those remains can travel with the family to the new location. This can be comforting for many families who may be reluctant to leave loved ones “behind” should they move. While this factor may seem insignificant to some, it is very important to others.

Is Less Expensive than a Traditional Funeral Service

Perhaps the most significant reason cremation has become more popular than traditional funerals is cost. Cremation can be significantly less expensive than traditional burials. This is often not just the wish of the family but the departed. An increasing number of people who are pre-planning their own funerals are choosing cremations to preserve their financial resources for better purposes. This may be to leave money for the family or grandchildren or even to make a donation to a chosen charity or cause.

We Can Help

If you are in the process of pre-planning for your own funeral or are making decisions for a current need, we invite you to use the resources of the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky. Our mission is to help those in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area explore and understand the benefits of cremation. We have access to the only privately owned crematorium in the Greater Cincinnati area, assuring your loved one’s remains will remain in our care through the entire process.

If you have any questions or concerns about cremation, please contact us at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky.

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