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Five Ways to Personalize a Memorial Service December 9, 2021

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One of the best ways to make a memorial service memorable is to personalize the service. There are a variety of loving, creative, and thoughtful ways this can be done – all of which take a little planning and execution. With the help of friends, family and loved ones, you can create a memorial service that will leave an impression.

Here are some suggestions:

Personalized Music

Create a soundtrack for the service that features favorite songs of the deceased. Options could include original recordings, instrumental versions, or even live performances.

Display A favorite Expression or Quote

It seems like we all have our favorite quotes or expressions, whether they come from a movie, TV show, or public figure. What was your loved one known for saying? Print it on a plaque or poster and display it with the loved one given credit for the quote.

Coordinate Flowers

Request a certain type of flower to be given in sympathy. If the deceased had a favorite color, the colors of a sports team, you could also coordinate sympathy flowers in those colors. Imagine the impact of a room of flowers in team colors.

Have a Memory Table

The table could contain some of the loved one’s favorite or most cherished personal items or photos. Items could include his or her favorite coffee cup, key chain, wallet photos, and other items with meaning. It could even include items that belonged to his or her parents or grandparents. A brief written description could be included to better identify items and their significance.

Produce a Video

A video or continuously running slide show of photos and images could be shown for visitors to view at will. The video wouldn’t even need to include sound or music if you need to save some time.

Create a Collage of Photos and Memorabilia

Construct a collage that may contain photos, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, or other printed material of significance.

You can create a remarkably touching and personal memorial service and we can help. Discuss your ideas with our caring team and let them assist you. Whether you are considering a memorial service as part of a traditional funeral or cremation, the professionals at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky can help assure a dignified presentation.

If you live in the Northern Kentucky area, you are always welcome to reach out to us. Thanks for considering our family to assist your family.

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