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How Much Does Cremation Service Cost October 21, 2021

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How much do cremation services cost? We will frequently get inquiries that will start with this exact question. It is understandable since one of the attractive aspects of cremation is that it is more affordable than a traditional funeral and burial. It is one of the driving forces that has made cremation a popular choice for final services.

Before we get into specifics and some actual pricing examples it is important to understand that costs of both traditional burials and cremation services can vary widely depending on the needs and desires of the family. All cremations are not less expensive than all traditional funerals. A very modest traditional funeral and burial, for example, may be less expensive than an elaborate service following cremation.

Cremations still offer versatility, and the ability to honor your loved one in a loving, respectful way.

Here are some of your choices:

Cremation with Traditional Funeral

This is considered the most expensive of your cremation options. Recent surveys have estimated the average cost of a cremation with a traditional funeral to be just above $5,000. The cremation fee (usually around $500) is just a small percentage of the overall expenses. While more expensive, many families believe this type of service better helps those that are grieving, bringing about more comforting closure.

Cremation with a Memorial Service

This type of service honors the deceased without having remains present and is less costly than a cremation with traditional funeral services. It avoids the costs of embalming, body grooming, a casket, and more. It still allows family, friends, and loved ones to gather and pay their respects and for the deceased to be eulogized.

Cremation without Services

This type of service is often referred to as “direct cremation.” The body is immediately cremated and the ashes (or cremains) are returned to the family. The family can then decide to keep the ashes in an urn or otherwise dispose of them. Direct cremation is simple and inexpensive, usually under $1,000.

So how much does a cremation service cost? They can range from about $1,000 to $5,000 or more. Very expensive urns, for example, can cost thousands of dollars alone if that is what you’d like to spend your budget on. This is why pre-planning is so valuable. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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