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Reasons Why People Choose Cremation Services July 15, 2020

It is no secret that cremations have become more popular than ever. In fact, cremations have supplanted traditional funeral and burial services as the most popular choice for families in the United States. Why are people selecting cremations over traditional burial services? There are actually a number of solid reasons for choosing cremation, but it would seem the most popular reason is price.


The most significant reason that people are likely to choose cremation is because it is more affordable than a traditional funeral and burial. Those pre-planning their own final services would suggest cremation is more “practical” and less of a waste of money. Many families have simply decided there are better ways to spend the money. This doesn’t necessarily prevent a family from having a more elaborate ceremony, it is just that the cremation process itself is less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial.

Ceremonies Can Still Be Held

Selecting a cremation does not preclude a family from having a visitation, final services or other ceremony. We will be glad to discuss the various options you have for a ceremony associated with a cremation.


Cremations relieve much of the time pressures associated with final services. This is particularly valuable when there are a number of out-of-town friends and family members, when funerals may want to be delayed to a later date, or even due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Some Consider it Better For the Environment

Since cremations don’t involve embalming, use of land or the transportation and use of large concrete vaults and caskets, most consider cremation a greener choice and better for the environment. If the deceased was environmentally conscious, choosing cremation can also be another way to honor their memory.

Ashes Can Serve to Comfort Those Left Behind

Families who decide to retain the ashes of a loved one have more choices than ever. They may be kept in one larger urn, distributed and shared in small mini-urns among family members, and even may be used in everything from fireworks to creating tattoo ink and beautiful jewelry.

Ashes Can Be Buried or Distributed in Some Other Fitting Way

Families have the option of burying the ashes or distributing them in some other appropriate way. They can be scattered in a forest or in the ocean. Ashes can be used at the base of a newly planted sapling or buried in an organic container. There are more choices than ever.

Even with the growing popularity of cremation, many still have questions. If that includes you, contact us at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky. It is our goal to help educate and inform our community about the value and benefits of cremation. We would be glad to answer your questions or assist in the pre-planning process.

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