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What to Know Before Cremation October 15, 2020

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Are you considering cremation for yourself while pre-planning? Perhaps you are thinking about cremation as an alternative for a current need. If you are, odds are you may have questions. Here are some things you should know before choosing cremation.

Can I Still Have a Funeral Service for a Cremated Body?

Not only can you have a funeral service for a cremated body, it is often encouraged. In fact, some families choose to have a viewing before the body is cremated as part of the final services.

Cremated Remains Don’t Need to Be Taken by the Family or Scattered.

Some may avoid cremation because they may not want to either scatter the cremains or keep them in the family. The reality is they can be kept at the cemetery or disposed of in a number of other ways. It is also possible to split cremains to be shared among several family members if one location can’t be decided upon.

You will never be cremated with another person.

Some have a fear that their ashes may become mixed with someone else’s, or that bodies may become mixed up at the crematory. Families should know it is illegal to cremate multiple bodies at the same time in a crematory and bodies must be properly identified. With the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, remains never leave our care. Cremations occur in the only privately owned crematoriums in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Religions Have Become Much More Accepting of Cremations.

Many of the world’s religions have become much more accepting of the cremation process. In fact, many cremations can be adjusted to meet the requirements of many religious standards. You can usually request to have a cremation viewed by loved ones.

Pre-Planning Your Cremation Can Save Money.

One of the very attractive aspects of cremations is that they are more affordable than a traditional funeral and burial. Pre-planning a cremation can even make them more cost effective. Pre-planning can help avoid overspending due to grief or guilt. It can help ensure the wishes of the deceased are considered. It can keep a funeral from growing unnecessarily expensive.

In spite of the growing popularity in cremations, there still remains many misperceptions. At the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, we feel the more you know about cremation, the more you may be likely to choose it, especially in pre-planning. Should you have any questions or concerns about the cremation process, contact us. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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