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Should You Bury or Cremate Your Pet? August 11, 2021

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Our pets are a part of our family; they are our friends and even our confidants. One of the reasons we appreciate them so much is they seem to ask for so little. Oh, sure they may want some exercise or to play when we are not quite in the mood, but give them a comfortable place to sleep, food, the occasion attention, and they will be by your side for life. But what happens when that life is over? How should you or could you honor your pet with an appropriate burial or other final tribute?

What is Pet Aftercare?

In the industry, pet aftercare is the combination of services that are available following the death of a pet. It can include the removal of the pet, burial or cremation, an urn or pet casket, and any other services that are available to pet owners after a pet’s death.

Benefits of a Pet Burial

  • A pet burial can be inexpensive depending on the burial container and place of burial. Keep in mind, some municipalities and counties have regulations regarding pet burials, so contact your local authorities before finalizing plans.
  • A pet burial site may provide an owner with a sense of comfort knowing their pet is still nearby. The burial site can be identified with a meaningful marker or personalized tribute.
  • A burial on your private land can be an excellent choice especially if there are no plans to move. If a move is anticipated or likely, alternative plans should probably be chosen.

Benefits of Pet Cremations

  • Pet cremations are simple and affordable.
  • Cremation services usually offer a range of services to families of deceased pets.
  • You can still conduct services and have a memorial for your pet after cremation.
  • You may choose to keep the cremains in an urn to keep with you as you move from place to place.
  • You can choose from a private or communal cremation.

The type of aftercare you provide your pet can depend on a variety of factors including how long your pet has been part of the family, budgetary considerations, and how large your pet is. Larger pets can create special aftercare challenges that should be taken into consideration.

The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky is pleased to offer a full range of cremation-related aftercare services for your pet. Our services are respectful, prompt, and customized to your specific needs. We also offer a variety of urns to contain the ashes of your pet whether they be for burial or for keeping in your home or office.

Contact us to discuss the aftercare of your pet. We would be proud to assist you in your time of need.

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