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What Is the Significance of Spreading Ashes? December 10, 2020

Headless Buddah statue surrounded by ashes

Why Do We Spread Ashes

Today, there are more options than ever for the disposal of ashes of a cremated loved one. They can be kept in a decorative urn, divided into smaller urns for members of the family, made into fireworks, tattoo ink and even sent into space. Many families have found comfort in using a small amount of ashes in creating meaningful jewelry to remember a loved one. Still, however, one of the most popular ways for the disposal of ashes is to spread them over a space that was perhaps meaningful to the loved one when alive. Beyond affordability, spreading ashes has some deep-seeded meanings. It has very strong connections with many of the world’s largest religions. Here are some of the reasons we spread ashes.

It Symbolizes “Letting Go”

The spreading of ashes is symbolic of the physical and emotional aspects of letting go of a loved one. It can help those who are grieving better let go of their sorrow. It can be challenging but at the same time liberating, to know there is no particular place or grave site to visit the remains of a loved one and that they belong to the wind.

It Symbolizes the Sowing of Seeds

Some view the spreading of ashes like the sowing of seeds, like a new beginning. Spreading ashes has Biblical meanings in that refers to death to life and dust to dust. When ashes are spread, especially into a forest or natural area, they become a part of the earth giving them new purpose.

It Can Symbolize Infinity

When ashes are spread above and into moving waters, they are said to flow forever. This represents an eternal journey as the water moves in an infinite cycle.

Provides a Sense of Comfort

Knowing ashes will be spread, especially in a familiar or beloved area, can bring comfort to both the family and the person pre-planning their own funeral. There is comfort in knowing the destination of your final remains. There are places that bring us joy and spreading ashes through these places can be comforting.

Sense of Personalization

Those looking to provide a meaningful, personal touch to final services often view the spreading of ashes as a way to accomplish this. It can help provide closure and a sense of completeness.

One should keep mind that spreading of ashes is not without its rules, regulations and guidelines. Spreading ashes in ceratin waters may take the permission of the EPA and the permission of any property owner should be sought before spreading ashes on their property. If you have questions about cremations and what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to spreading ashes, please feel free to contact the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky.

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