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Top Reasons to Plan Your Own Cremation February 7, 2018

Black and Gold UrnOften those left behind are left with the challenge of making the final decisions for a loved one. Unfortunately, this is when they are undergoing grief and sadness and these decisions can become increasingly heavy. If you are considering cremation upon your death, it can make a great deal of sense to make these plans for them ahead of time. Here are some very good reasons preplanning your Northern Kentucky cremation is such a good idea.

Your Family Will Appreciate It

As mentioned, planning final services are challenging for loved ones. When you have all or most of your plans laid out ahead of time it can be extremely helpful and appreciated. It is one last act of kindness you can demonstrate to them.

Clearly Explains Your Wishes

Many times, funeral plans can cause fractures in families when plans were not clearly made. One family member may believe something should be handled a certain way while others may have differing opinions. We have even seen disagreements in families with whether a loved one wanted to be buried after a standard funeral or be cremated. This is a decision that you should communicate to your family and make clear through your pre-planning. When you pre plan your Northern Kentucky cremation, you are leaving little doubt as to what you want to happen after your death. This single aspect of pre-planning can be so much more valuable than people may anticipate.

It Can Avoid Overspending

People who plan their own cremation services are generally much more conservative in what they spend. This can avoid what is called “emotional overspending” and can save your family money. It also will keep them from having to work through many of the details a cremation service can involve.

It is a Chance to Plan More of a Celebratory Service

Celebrations of life have become more popular than ever when it comes to final services. Yet, some families are still a little reluctant, perhaps feeling they are not respectful or appropriate. When you plan your own final service, YOU make the decisions, including if you want more of a celebration. Families often see this as your permission and desire for a more lighthearted service. Of course, at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, we have the experience and resources to help you plan cremation final services that are tasteful and appropriate. Even if you don’t have the full financial resources to completely pay for your services, pre-planning can be very valuable and appreciated. Talk to the professionals at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky and get started today.

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