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How to Write an Obituary For a Loved One’s Cremation April 19, 2018

grieving coupleToday’s obituaries are much more than just a notice of a loved ones passing. An obituary can tell a story of the life of a loved one and insights into their personality and passions. It recognizes those important things to them and explains how family and friends can express condolences. It can set the tone for any final services and can have a powerful impact on those who read it.

Here are some important aspects to consider when preparing an obituary for a loved one’s cremation in Northern Kentucky.

Introduction and Identification of A Loved One

The outset of the obituary should include the full name of the deceased along with any longstanding nicknames the person may have been known by. The writer should keep in mind that others may not even actually know the given name of a deceased if they only knew them by a nickname like “Bob”, “Madge”, “Chucky” or “Skip”, The date of death should be included in the opening paragraph along with the birth date and age at death.

Those Left Behind

These are family members referred to as “survivors” but this section should start with a listing of close relatives who preceded the deceased in death. This area can also name any non-relative that the person had a special relationship with. Some families will even include a special or long-time pet left behind in this section.

A Biography

Modern obituaries frequently include much more than just what a person did for a living or the organizations they belonged to. More and more are including more personal insights like favorite sports teams, hobbies, frequently visited vacation spots, and passions. This is where an obituary can really be distinctive and paint a broader picture of the life of a loved one.

The Ceremony

Include the dates of any final services and if it is an open one or if there will be private service for family only. When a cremation is involved, note if there will be a memorial at a cremation service, a gathering at the scattering or burial of ashes. In some cases, a less formal gathering may take place at an area restaurant or pub.

Condolences and Contributions

Flowers continue to be extremely popular but with cremations, donations are often preferred to honor a loved one. Include the names of any organizations the deceased favored. In some cases, it may be an organization that fights the cause of a deceased’s death. If the family could use financial assistance with final expenses, contributions may be made to the funeral home in the name of the departed. You should also include how those who knew the deceased may express their condolences in words. Today, this is often done online.

Some Helpful Hints

Do not include home addresses in any obituary. Have close family members proofread the obituary before submission to potentially correct any errors and note any missing details the deceased may have wanted included. Try to write in the spirit that the deceased would have appreciated.

Our professional staff at The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky can help guide you through the process. For more information about cremations and obituaries, please feel free to contact us.

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