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Simple & Affordable Cremations June 5, 2019

One of the compelling reasons cremations have become increasingly popular is they can be so much more inexpensive than a traditional funeral and burial. Some large corporations have even taken advantage of this trend by including “cheap” or “affordable” in the actual names of their cremation service companies. As most of us have learned through experience however, when price becomes the sole consideration when purchasing any product or service, disappointment can often follow. When it comes to the cremation of a loved one, the result can be devastating.

At the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, it is part of our mission to promote the advancement of cremations in our region but not at the expense of dignity and quality, caring services. Yes, we believe you can have a simple and affordable cremation while being assured the greatest care will be taken throughout the process. We also have a firm belief you should not only know what the price is you will pay, but what is included in that price.

The Cost of our Cremations

The cost of our cremation service is just $960. For that affordable price, you get the services of a family owned, locally owned and operated cremation service with a long-lasting legacy of serving families in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Ours is the only privately owned crematorium in the Greater Cincinnati area. This means your loved one never leaves our care and you are assured of the identity cremains. This is a critical consideration, especially when other organizations sell cremations as a commodity without regard to how and where the deceased may be cared for.

With the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, our price includes:

  • Locally managed cremations
  • Personal service
  • Transfer of the deceased into our care
  • Services of the funeral director and staff
  • Filing of the death certificate
  • Crematory Fee
  • Temporary container

You are assured your loved one will be treated with dignity from a compassionate staff of caring professionals.

Choosing the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky

With the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky, you also have the option of choosing a wide range of other services to suit your needs and desires. Select from biodegradable urns or classic customized urns. You can choose to remember your loved one by having a small amount of ashes turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry or other mementos. The choice is always yours.

Yes, you can have an affordable, simple cremation without sacrificing dignity or peace of mind. Make the experienced choice when selecting cremation services in Northern Kentucky. We invite you to learn more about us at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky.

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